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Organic Pet Food--It makes sense

I don't know if it is because people are caring more or producers are getting more lax with their standards, but it appears that there are growing food concerns caused by menial errors that have catastrophic effects. First the spinach and now pet food (with many things in between)...big-time producers drove the ma and pa farmers out, and then proceeded to mechanize the farming process, taking all the compassion and attention to quality out of the process. By doing this, our food became contaminated...people and pets died.

For me, part of the experience of eating is knowing where it came from--what it consists of. Was it grown next to Hwy 25 or was it grown in the fertile valley off the Shade River? What people forget is that plants and livestock are sponges--every bit of polluted air, brushing of pesticide and particle of fecal matter gets absorbed into their system which in turn people and pets ingest. Thats why it is important to me to eat organic because I know that there are definately not vertain things in my food--pesticides, antiobiotics, hormones, and cruelty-free. The odds of me or my dog getting sick from e.coli or some bizarre virus are HUGELY reduced by eating organic, homemade food.

With all the scares lately and the list of "safe" foods quickly shrinking, I am commited to eat local, organic food for myself and homemade, organic food for my pets.


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